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Community Outreach

Central Conveyor demonstrates Corporate Citizenship by supporting our employee's philanthropic-initiatives.  Being socially responsible is a core value to our company culture.  "Helping Hands" is a life-style, whether it is a call-to-action for our next-door neighbor or man-kind around the world.  Corporate Citizenship extends beyond the confines of any single firm, it is a social concern that affects all generations.  Central Conveyor is doing our part to ensure a better, brighter world for everyone!

Food Drive

Central Conveyor's employees annually participate in our annual food drive to benefit the Promise Land Church Soup Kitchen.  We are thankful to work for a company that promotes community and helping neighbors, whether they are located next door or around the world.  

Central Community Charities

Our Mission

"To build on the giving tradition that defines the spirit of the Central Companies. We will represent and honor all of the Central employees in our acts of giving to those in need. We will work in our local communities, building goodwill through our ability to provide for others."

Central Conveyor’s employees have the biggest hearts when it comes to charity. The contributions of the employees this year have topped $18,000 for first time ever to help the less fortunate in our community. Volunteers reach out to various agencies to get information on those in need. They get the sizes, favorite colors, and the desires of what is wanted or needed and then provide that information to the elves who do the shopping. About $100.00 per person is what we target to spend, but quite often, the "elf" will spend a little more and dig into their own pockets for that little bit extra.

In 2017, Central Conveyor assisted the following organizations:
• Lighthouse of Oakland County
• The American Legion Department of Michigan "Veterans Serving Veterans"
• Foster Care of Livingston County
• The Lovelady Center
• Promise Land Church – Soup Kitchen, Detroit
• N.O.A.H.
While Central Conveyor only has roughly 200 local employees in Michigan, their generosity helped 157 people have a better Christmas.


Awareness of global environmental concerns requires intentional behavior changes.  Central Conveyor is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment.  Our strategy includes: A) Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring greatest efficiency, B) Minimize toxic emissions through the selection and use of its power requirements, C) Promote a recycling program internally and with customers/suppliers, D) Source a range of products that minimize impact to environment.    

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