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Overhead Power & Free Conveyor

Overhead Power & Free Conveyors have free trolleys that are driven by power chains and carriers that transport the material to a given location. 

The carriers are attached to the free trolleys and are normally engaged to the power chain by an attached pusher dog assembly on the free trolley. The pusher dog can be disengaged by a cam action in either the free trolley or the chain dog, caused by accumulating behind another free trolley or by engaging a stop blade. The chain continues to move while the carrier becomes temporarily stationary until the free trolley becomes re-engaged with the chain.


  • Accumulating
  • Assembly
  • Bias & Trias Banking
  • Carrier Indexing
  • Elevation Changes
  • Production Rate Variation
  • Sort
  • Start/Stop
  • Storage
  • Transfer


  • High strength alloy castings increase life span
  • Stainless steel chain pusher dog
  • Modular designed conveyor components
  • Stops are simple, compact and to industry standard
  • Computer or programmable control systems

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