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As a member of the Tsubaki Group, Central Conveyor now offers the Tsubaki ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® as an efficient and durable high-speed lifting solution for a wide range of applications.

Zip chain is a new chain product that can be pushed and pulled.  It is so named because it consists of two chains that interlock in zip-like fashion to form a single, strong column.  The Tsubaki ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® employs a lifting mechanism (patent pending) that uses zip chain to directly transmit upward and downward thrust.  The Tsubaki ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® enables high-speed, high-frequency operation that cannot be achieved with conventional lifting equipment.

The Tsubaki ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® features:

  1. High speed: Operation three to ten times faster than that of conventional hydraulic lifting equipment
  2. High frequency: Continuous lifting and lowering at rate of one lift cycle per minute.
  3. High durability: Cleared more than one million lift cycles in endurance tests.
  4. High efficiency: Over 20% more energy-efficient than hydraulic lifting equipment.

For more information:

Please contact our sales team at  You can also download a ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® catalogue by clicking here:  Tsubaki ZIP CHAIN LIFTER® Catalogue

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