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Inverted Power & Free Conveyor

An Inverted Power and Free Conveyor utilizes a single enclosed track combining the power chain and the free trolleys. The power & free system uses fixed chain dogs that engage the pivotal free trolleys to move them through the system. Disengaging the free trolley from the chain dog allows for free trolley accumulation. 

Areas of use include production areas or delivery systems that require accumulation such as general assembly, body shop, painting and oven drying.


  • Accumulating
  • Bias & Trias Banking
  • Carrier Indexing
  • Elevation Changes
  • Production Rate Variation
  • Segregation
  • Sort
  • Start/Stop
  • Storage
  • Transfer


  • High strength alloy castings increase life span
  • Stainless steel chain pusher dog
  • Modular designed conveyor components
  • Computer or programmable control systems
  • Track is wider and more stable
  • Better tolerance and fit between wheels and track
  • Standard steel sections for repair, rework and path revisions
  • Trolley uses larger side wheels: better wear, strength, durability and stability
  • Pusher dog configuration nests inside lead trolley more securely and the lead angle on dog allows for smooth and efficient transition of carrier
  • Lever paddle on lead trolley is designed around wide wing application

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