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Flat-Top Conveyor

Flat-Top conveyors are comprised of plates attached to strands of flanged wheels on which finished vehicles are conveyed. Flat-Top conveyors are usually mounted within a pit, so that the plates are flush with the floor. 

Flat-Top conveyors are normally utilized for conveying completed vehicles for fluid fill, shower test or as final lines. However, special systems are also utilized to provide accumulation or stopping of trucks and skuks between chain-on-edge systems. 

The path of the conveyor is made of straight runs.  A drive powers the unit and individual strand take-ups remove chain slack.  The drive may have a main conveyor length depends upon the application and component capacities, but generally has very few physical limitations.


  • Car Wash
  • Repair Lines


  • Various speeds
  • Allows for use with a wider range of products
  • System allows for limited access
  • Can be used in dry or wet environments

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