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Chain on Edge (COE) Conveyor

The Chain On Edge (COE) conveyor is a rivetless, floor chain application system. The conveyor consists of the chain
supported by rider plates that contain attached pusher dogs, which delivers cart-type trucks with track-guided
caster wheels through the system.

The COE conveyor is ideally suited to maneuver heavy or large loads through body shop, assembly or process operation (e.g., cleaning, washing, drying or painting) where full outer access to the sides and top of the job is required. These systems may include vertical curves and horizontal turns. Since COE systems do not use chain trolleys, they are ideally suited for higher temperature oven applications.

The COE system is capable of synchronous transferring of trucks from Chain-to-Chain and accumulating with special dogs and/or conveyors.

This system allows for a wide range of conveyor speeds, production centers and production rates. With the use of special high-speed transfers and switch assemblies, the trucks can be maneuvered to divert or merge to and from optional conveyor routes.

The COE trucks can easily be removed from the system with the aid of a hoist or fork truck.

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