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Skid Conveyor

Skid Conveyors generally carry products on fixtures with two longitudinal runners called skids.  Skids are conveyed both longitudinally (direction of travel parallel to skid rails) and transversely (direction of travel perpendicular to skid rails).  The types of conveyor sections utilized include Vertical/Drop Lifts, Two-Strand, Accumulating Roller Flight, Cross Transfer, Powered Roller Lift Tables, Hold Tables, Powered Roller Bed, Powered Roller Stand, Turntables, Pivot tables, Shuttle Carriage, Scissors Lift and Skid Stacker/Destacker.

Two-strand chain is utilized in production areas such as spray operations and in paint and oven applications. Belt style two strands are used in production areas, such as general assembly operations, pre-paint processing, etc. 

Roller flight conveyors are available in either chain or belt technology and provide accumulation capability by the design of its raised roller. Cross transfers move the skid sideways lining it up with other conveyors. 

Powered roller lift tables lift the skid off of the cross transfer and move the skid to the adjoining conveyors.


  • General assembly
  • Spray operations
  • Paint and oven production areas


  • Good Stability
  • Wide range of conveyor speeds, production centers, and production rates
  • Runs forward, back-wards and/or sideways for a variety of operations
  • Can be used in dry or wet environments

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